Colorado Christmas

Winter Park, Colorado holds my favorite childhood memories from growing up in Colorado. My grandparents had a place there for decades, and my parents have owned a house there since I was a kid. We spend most of our holidays there and Christmas in the Rocky Mountains is never short of magical. 

Winter Park is a ski resort in the town of Fraser in Grand County, Colorado. And though the resort and neighboring towns are always bustling around the holidays, the towns of Winter Park and Fraser only amount to a total population of 2,306. 

One of my family traditions is cooking Mexican food on Christmas Eve and heading over to the ski mountain for the torchlight procession. There’s a big bonfire set up and people gather around to wait for the show to begin. When it does, skiers and snowboarders hold red torches as they ski down the mountain to Christmas carols – it’s always absolutely magical. There are always snow cats all lit up and Santa and Mrs. Claus ski down the mountain to hand out candy to kids.

It’s a tradition unique to Winter Park that’s been around for decades!

Christmas in the mountains always feels so festive – there is always plenty of snow and you’re almost certain to have a White Christmas. My parents’ place in Fraser is so cozy and has the best cabin feel.

It’s always so much fun to spend time in Winter Park during the holidays. We are so spoiled and normally ski on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Sweater: HERE | Jeans: HERE

I hope you had a merry Christmas surrounded by loved ones – and I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?



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