We’re Moving to SEATTLE

As you can tell from the title of this post, I’m so excited to announce that my boyfriend Drew and I are moving to Seattle, Washington in a few short weeks. Moving in the midst of the national health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of interesting. In this post, I’m laying out why we’re making the big move, how the coronavirus outbreak has impacted our plans and what’s in the future for us in Seattle.

Why Seattle?

Drew and I have always known we wanted to move back out West eventually. Though we’ve loved our time in Washington, DC and made incredible, lifelong friends, Drew got an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Drew has spent the past few months applying to business schools around the country. He worked incredibly hard and put in the effort to get into his dream school – the University of Washington (UW). Drew is a Seattle native and has plenty of family who attended the UW throughout the years. He grew up a big huskies fan and always wanted to be a part of the UW family. He’s finally getting to become a husky as he gets his MBA at the UW’s Foster School of Business.

As a Colorado native, I feel most at home in the mountains and close to nature. You just can’t find nature like that around DC. I always knew I wanted to head back out West to be closer to family and Drew’s business school opportunity felt like the perfect time to make the move.

Moving During Coronavirus

Obviously, moving across the country is a lot to throw onto anyone’s plate. Enter coronavirus. But let me preface – we don’t have anything to complain about. Drew and I are incredibly fortunate to be healthy, employed, safe and stable. In such a massive time of uncertainly for our nation and world, we are blessed beyond mention to be afforded the opportunities we have.

But the global pandemic has added a few additional hurdles to our big move. To begin, our movers canceled on us. But our plan remains the same, we will be loading a POD by ourselves and shipping it to Seattle. Then, we’ll spend a few days driving across the country. In different circumstances, we would’ve loved to camp in national parks and make a big road trip out of our cross-country drive. But with so many uncertainties, we think it’s best to get to Seattle as soon as possible.

Logistics aside, we’re pretty bummed we won’t be able to celebrate with our friends and loved ones in Washington, DC before we go. Not being able to see my best friends before I leave doesn’t feel like a fitting goodbye. In different times, we would’ve loved to have one last big celebration with our friends. But when things settle down, we’ll surely come back to visit. And again, we are lucky to be healthy and happy so we really can’t complain.

What We’ll Be Up to in Seattle

I’ve detailed what Drew will be up to in Seattle, but what about me? Well, for the short-term future, my life will remain somewhat the same. I’m very fortunate to be able to telework for my current job while I get settled in Seattle and while the national health emergency subsides.

After that, I’m really excited for new career opportunities in Seattle. The city has a robust job market and is home to countless corporate headquarters, PR agencies and opportunities. Needless to say, I’m very excited for all that the future has in store.

I am so excited to be able to share the next chapter of our lives with you all. It will certainly be an adventure.

I wish you and your loved ones health and happiness. We will get through this.



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