Friday Favorites

Well congrats on making it through another week! If your company follows the federal government’s calendar, I’m hoping you too get a long weekend thanks to Presidents Day.

2020 and the start of 2021 have been difficult on so many. I don’t think anyone is at their best right now and that’s okay! It’s important to give each other a little more grace and patience – and that includes yourself. So consider this your daily reminder to be kind to yourself, things are hard and that’s okay!

It’s been a while since I shared a few of my current favorite things, so today’s post are new purchases or items I’ve been reaching for more often. Everything from binge-able TV to clothing, here are a few items I’ve been loving recently.

Night Stalker – If you’ve read any of my previous Friday Favorites, you probably know I’m a big true crime fan. The newest Netflix show I’ve binged is Night Stalker, a short series about serial killer Richard Ramirez’s crimes that haunted California in the ’80s. Fair warning though, this series is not for the faint of heart. Though Ramirez is infamous, I wasn’t familiar with how truly gruesome his crimes were. Definitely do not watch this series after dark!

AE Crossover Leggings – Well, I’ve reached the stage of quarantine where I’m following fashion advice from high schoolers on Tik Tok. But these leggings are GOOD. These American Eagle Crossover Leggings have been all over Tik Tok because they look flattering on everyone. They have a flattering v shape waist line, hit just above the ankle and feel like butter. At $44, what more could you want?

Levi’s Sherpa Demin Trucker Jacket – I’m a big fan of a classic jean jacket, and in the summer, I constantly have one thrown over my shoulders. I’d wanted a sherpa Levi’s jean jacket to wear in the fall and winter but the usual $130 price tag was a tad too steep for my taste. When I found this jacket at Target, I snagged it – and I’ve been loving it. Living in the PNW, this jacket is the perfect jacket for chilly fall and winter weather. One thing of note, the jacket runs a tad small – I purchased a size S and it is snug with a sweater/sweatershirt underneath. I’d size up when ordering.

Nespresso – My fiancé, Drew’s, parents bought me a Nespresso Vertuo Next for Christmas and it has been a total gamechanger. Prior to my Nespresso, I made French press coffee in the morning. And while that did its job, Nespresso truly tastes like coffee shop quality joe. I work beginning at 6 AM and being able to enjoy a luxe cup of coffee in the morning has been such a treat.

I asked on Instagram for recommendations for Nespresso pods and received a ton of great feedback. Currently, my favorite pods are medium + dark roast: Melozio, Stormio + Odacio – you can get them on Amazon here. There are so many more options for me to explore – flavored coffees, espresso, blondes, etc. If you have a Nespresso, let me know your favorite pods in the comments below!

Buffs – Wearing a mask working out is responsible but it can honestly be a pain. I’ve started using Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear as a gaiter while running and skiing and it’s really convenient. It’s stretchy and stays up when you need it to cover your nose but it’s more breathable and lightweight than a mask. It’s also perfect for skiing since you can tuck it into your goggles to protect yourself from windchill and snow while adhering to the CDC’s COVID protocols.

If you try out any of these items or have watched Night Stalker – let me know your thoughts. And what have you been loving recently? Has anything helped you get through working from home or staying at home more?

Until next time!



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