Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Caitlin, but you can call me Cait (all my friends do).

I’m a twenty-something Colorado native living in Seattle, Washington. Though my heart may still call the Mile High City home, I recently moved to the PNW after living in Washington, DC for the past few years.

I love all things outdoors (though this Colorado girl always prefers the mountains to the beach) and have always been the creative type with a passion for writing.

I wanted to start this website as a creative outlet, a way to share my travels, career advice, favorite fashion, beauty finds and more as I navigate my way through my twenties. I work in PR and write professionally for work every day. It’s important for me to maintain my joy for writing – so I started GAA!

I think of this blog as a digital scrapbook of my fast-paced and colorful life and I hope you’ll enjoy this little piece of me.

Thanks for reading – I’m glad you’re here!

Follow along with me day to day on Instagram @CaitGalla



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